Blue Moon Roses WS

Blue Moon Roses

Blue Moon Roses

Picture Name: Blue Moon Roses
Where Painted: In studio at home from a photo
Medium: Watercolour on a ‘not’ surface paper
Size: 12in x 15in (including mount supplied)
Inspiration: I had admired Blue Moon roses since I first found out they existed when I was a child. I was lucky enough to inherit one when I got my garden. I had tried a number of times to paint them from life, but just couldn’t decide what the colours of them actually were. I took some photos of them on the bush and when I downloaded them I found I could see the colours far more easily for painting.
Price: SOLD

2 thoughts on “Blue Moon Roses WS”

  1. Hi Shona,
    I am very interested in the Blue Moon Roses WS painting. I appreciate it is in Kirkcudbright Galleries. I live in Dorset so wanted to ask the size of the painting and if it could be framed. I have another of your paintings white sweet peas which I bought last year while on holiday. Could you let me know if it could be framed and the cost look forward to hearing from you. GILL

    1. Hello Gill, Thank you very much for your enquiry. The picture is still on sale at Kirkcudbright Galleries and I will message them today to see if I can go down and get it back. The painting size is 12in x 15in and is currently in a frame that matches White Sweet Peas (which you had bought in the summer – thank you). It will probably be into January before the Galleries re-open. The price of the framed picture is £85 and I will cover postage. If you would prefer me to send the picture unframed please let me know and I can decide a price. Best regards, Shona

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