Biography of the Artist

Shona McQueen

Biography of a Scottish artist in Dumfries and Galloway

Born and bred in Dumfries, I studied art at school – not very successfully. After I left school I worked in a bank, shying away from all things artistic until some years later, in 1990, I re-developed an interest in art and took up pastel drawing as a hobby. Things grew from there and I went on to experiment with oils, charcoal, watercolour and most recently acrylics. Over the years I took a diverse selection of night classes, summer schools and other courses, learning something different from all of them. I like to keep as much variety in my work as possible, both in subject matter and media.

In 2000, I learned that the Tolbooth Arts Centre in nearby Kirkcudbright (The Artists’ Town) had exhibition opportunities available. I hesitated, then decided I didn’t want to get 10 years older and wish I’d gone for it, so applied for, and got, a place in their 2001 programme. I didn’t regret it. I had a second exhibition at the Tolbooth in 2002. Less than a month later, I made the decision to resign from my job in the bank – where I had tried hard to make the best of things, but never felt accepted. I wanted to follow my own instincts and try to make a go of my artwork as a proper sideline business backed up with working as a temp. The first year or so was difficult at times, with long spells without temping work, and an at times steep learning curve with the art business, but I always felt that if I stuck with it things would work out. Because I am doing the right thing for me, I am very much happier now, and hope this shows in my artwork.

I have had more shows at the Tolbooth, and also at Castle Douglas Art Gallery, sometimes solo, sometimes sharing the space with a friend, as well as a smaller show at the Café Bar in Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries in 2004. I have also taken part in  Dumfries and Galloway Fine Arts Society exhibitions.

Quite a number of the works shown in this website have been sold, but I am more than happy to paint another version of any of them on a commission basis.

Please see new page added in October 2016 for my Calligraphy services.

2 thoughts on “Biography of the Artist”

  1. Hi Shona, we’ve never name is Kate. I loved your honest, clear, biography rgearing your arustic journey. It has inspired me, a self taught artist, who’s been working within other industries for tooo long, to continue with my artistic direction.

    Thank for being real and a talented artist!!

    Kind regards, Kate

  2. Hi Shona

    I’ve just visited your gallery and think you have oodles of talent. I particularly liked your flowers. I too have not felt accepted and now write poetry which I am hoping to publish.

    Best of luck
    Hold in there

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